How We Hatched

Our Story

How did Red Canary come to be? Well we could give you the whole long, drawn-out birds n´ bees speech, but in reality it was much simpler than that. Red Canary is made up of a small group of friends who all have the same passion: great design. That being said we went through what any small business goes through. The paperwork. The phone calls. The never-ending self-promotion. So far it´s worked out great. Take some time to get to know us. We´d love to hear from you.


What´s up with all the “Bird” Stuff?

We´d like to think of ourselves as a rare breed. Survivors, easy-going and coveted for our great work. We thought the name Red Canary embodied our work ethic quite nicely.


Here are a few fun facts about Red Canaries:

Red isn´t a naturally occurring color in the species. It´s very rare. In fact, Red canaries were developed as a cross between another type of finch, the now endangered Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskin Spinus cocullatus, and the Yellow Canary Serinus canaria. The Red Factor Canary requires a special diet to keep its intense coloring. Canaries in general are very hardy birds. Considered “survivors ” they can live in hostile environments yet keep on going. When domesticated they are low maintenance and requiring very little caretaking. Canaries are coveted for their singing abilities. And, especially true of the RED canary, they are beautiful and whimsical creatures.





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