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Alisa Meche

AlisaAlisa - an all around Diva. From designing dynamic web sites to tearing up dance floors, there is nothing she cannot do. If there is a way, she will find it. As an accomplished single mother of two beautiful children and an aspiring entrepreneur, she enjoys taking time out to spend with family. She loves west coast swing, country music and a good margarita.


As far as work is concerned, Alisa is always looking for something better. Not satisfied with current mediocrity, she looks to stay ahead of the curve with her work and design with longevity in mind. Filtering through fads and keeping up with code, she tirelessly works to build great designs and websites.





Dani Heileman

DaniDani - the go getter. She can talk to anyone about anything, Considered a social butterfly, she loves to meet new people and talk about her passions. Originally from Texas but residing in Nashvegas, this Texas Girl will always miss home. She enjoys dancing, singing, traveling, riding her motorcycle, and of course, design.


Her work ethic is just like her brain - it never stops. As a small business owner she knows what it´s like to start out and wants to help any way possible. She can design and code in her sleep. Keeping up to date online about the latest trends and learning new technologies are two things that drive her. She´s a white-space lovin´, font-freak with a crush on color. What more could you want in a designer?





Jennifer Banks

JenniferJennifer - the talented writer. Writing has always been my passion. From all accounts, I have been a storyteller from almost the moment I could speak and a writer since I learned how to put words on paper. In college, I majored in journalism, with an emphasis on public relations, with a second major in psychology. That combination gave me the ability to not only communicate effectively with an audience, but also to understand that audience better.


Regardless of the project type and no matter what the budget may be, one thing has always remained consistent: my complete dedication to producing the best work possible. Seeing a client moved to tears by my writing, receiving an excited hug for helping to shatter all previous fundraising efforts or even just getting approval on a first draft without any edits will always be the accolades that matter most to me. Outside the office, I can typically be found spend time with my young daughter, visiting friends and family, cheering on the Astros or shopping, which is often a code word for drooling over a pair of shoes that I usually don't need.






CyndeCynde - a part-time canary. Her hobbies include web design, west-coast swing dancing, working out, listening to music (and singing to it when no one is around), salt and fresh water aquariums, and gardening. She has a 15 pound fur-covered-bowling-ball of a cat named Mo and two adorably hyperactive weenie dogs, Pickle and Little. There isn't much she wouldn't do for a good grilled cheese and a gingerale.


Cynde really enjoys helping lower-tech and small mom-and-pop business people get their websites up and running, and her specialty is helping them develop the content and organization of their site. She also enjoys finding open-source or free software to help them make their sites more effective. Many of the sites she has created allow the user to control their own content without having to know HTML. In several cases, she has taught the client how to write HTML, and helped them develop their site together.





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